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Living With Less: Make Up Collection

A few months ago I started decluttering some of my things and only keep the ones that I really need. Today, I will be starting a "Living With Less" series on my blog, this series was inspired by Penelope Pop on youtube. I started watching her "How To Be Basic" videos and I was inspired to do the same. Basically, in this series, I will be sharing with you guys on how I became a person who only keeps and buys the "needs" instead of being a hoarder.

Before anything else, just a disclaimer: I am not against people who loves to collect makeup, this is just something I always wanted to do. 

Starting with my makeup collection, I was obsessed with makeup ever since I moved to Canada. I would spend hundreds of dollars on an eyeshadow palette even though I already own 10 palettes that have the same shades. I used to own 30 lipsticks but I only used 3 shades, I always buy different shades of foundation just because I wanted to add something to my collection. I buy fake lashes even though I don't really know how to put them on. Until one day I realized I am wasting my money on something I don't need or something that I don't ever care to use.

Ever since I watched Penelope Pop's videos, that's when I really decided that I want to do something about this "obsession". So I started organizing my make up by kind and just placed them on my vanity. After organizing everything I have, I started thinking about how much money I spent on all of these palettes, foundations, concealers, powders, primers, lashes, lipsticks, lipglosses, bronzers, highlighters and blushes that I didn't even get the chance to use. Knowing that an eyeshadow palette costs $50-$100 each, which I think is insane, my make up collection cost me thousands of dollars!!

I can't even imagine how I managed to keep all of these but I started to plan my steps on how to start my decluttering. I ended up having 3 steps.

1) I took all of the things that I think I won't be using in the future, mainly the purples and pinks. 
2) I checked all the expiry date for each one of them because you don't want expired products on your skin. 
3) The last step, keeping the makeup I really need.

This is now my whole makeup collection, I gave away some of the good ones and the expired ones went straight to the garbage. I ended up keeping the right amount that I can use for both every day and on special occasions. 

There is nothing wrong with collecting a lot of makeup but sometimes buying the things you only need is one way to save money and will definitely help you finish a certain product first before buying a new one which I think is awesome!

Let me know what you think! See you next time. :)

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