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Vanity tour 2019 ❤

Hey Guys! Welcome back to my blog! So I did a vanity tour on my channel since I had the time to organize and tidy it up! I like my vanity clean and just kind of "empty", I like to keep all of my things inside my drawers but I have stuff that doesn't fit my drawers so I just put them on top of my table top. My vanity is very minimal, it's plain white.. doesn't have lots of colors which I really like!! I like to keep it very basic like putting white colored decors.

I purchased my whole vanity from IKEA but I had to buy it separately,  the mirror, tabletop, and drawers. In my drawers, this is where I put my makeup, skin care, body care, hair care, and even some paper works (lol).

I posted a full video about it on my channel, check it out! :D

Living With Less: Make Up Collection

A few months ago I started decluttering some of my things and only keep the ones that I really need. Today, I will be starting a "Living With Less" series on my blog, this series was inspired by Penelope Pop on youtube. I started watching her "How To Be Basic" videos and I was inspired to do the same. Basically, in this series, I will be sharing with you guys on how I became a person who only keeps and buys the "needs" instead of being a hoarder.

The best concealer ❤

Too Faced is one of my favourite make up brand. I am a big fan of their Peach Perfect Setting Powder, I use it every single day. I have never tried anything from their "Born This Way" collection though, but I've heard a lot of good things about the foundation, concealer and setting powder. So when they came out with a new Born This Way Concealer, I kew I had to try it.

Hit or Miss: ELF Cosmetics $1 Sale Haul ❤

I finally got the chance to shop during ELF Cosmetics' $1 sale. I always see an ad for it on facebook but for some reason I really wasn't in to it but last year I gave in, I said "you know what I'm gonna give it try!" lol. Although it says "$1 Sale" not everything is exactly $1, the price ranges from 0.80 Cents - $3, not only that you also get a free 4-piece gift when you spend $25+ so that's a score! more makeup! :) I love ELF Cosmetics, all their products are sooo affordable but even so you can't expect a great quality, but don't get me wrong most of their products are awesome, at least every product I tried was awesome! So today I will be showing you my ELF Haul last December and tell you if it's a hit or a miss. :)

Review: Simple Holiday Glam + Glad Lash Review ❤

It's the most wonderful time of the yearrr! Though this post is already late for Christmas I think it's just right on time for the New Year! :D  Christmas is my favourite time of the year, I love it so much not just because of the presents but because I believe that it's the time of love and giving. You get to spend a special day with the people you love. Another reason why I love Christmas is I get to do my make up a little bit glamorous (lol) Today I will be sharing a simple Holiday glam that everyone can totally pull off, it's simple but a beautiful eye glam!