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Lipstick Dupes ❤

I am back with a new post! Finally had the time to do a blog post, I've been so very busy with school lately because it was our finals last week but I'm back! :) anddd it's finally our Christmas Break! So I will be posting more often (hopefully lol) Anyway, today I will be sharing with you some lipstick dupes. Lipstick Dupes is basically finding a drugstore lipsticks that are similar to high end lipsticks, they're not exactly the same but at least close!

High end lipsticks are expensive so thank God for drugstore ones! We all know high end lippies ranges from $20 and up.. So I tried my best to find the closest shades I have in my collection. Some brands I will be showing are: Kat Von D/Sephora Brand vs Wet N' Wild, MAC Cosmetics vs ELF Cosmetics, Bite Cosmetics vs Revlon and lastly Tarte vs Essence Cosmetics. I have 3 Liquid mattes and 3 Matte Bullet Lipsticks. Again, as I mentioned these are not exactly the same shades but very similar so let's get to it. :)


Liquid Mattes:

First one is the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D in the shade 
LOLITA - Chestnut Rose (Top shade)
Price: $21.00 (CAD)

and the closest dupe I found for this is the NYX Lingerie in the shade 
Price: $9.00 (CAD)

If you're a fan of pinkish nudes, totally recommending these two :)


Next one is the Matte Long-Wear Lip Colour by Sephora in the shade 
LUSTER (Top shade)
Price: $20.00 but on sale for $7.00 (both CAD)

the closest similar shade I found is the Mega Last Liquid Catsuit by Wet N' Wild in the shade
Price: $7.00 (CAD)

I am not a big fan of the Sephora one just because it's not really matte I mean it last long but it feels more like lip gloss than a lipstick. The Wet N' Wild one which you've probably seen it before in my previous posts, will always be my favourite!


Last one for the liquid mattes is another Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D in the shade 
VAMPIRA (Top shade)
Price: $21.00 (CAD) 

and the similar dupe I found for this is the Mega Last Liquid Catsuit by Wet N' Wild again :) in the shade
Price: $7.00 (CAD)

If you love wearing dark shade lipsticks these two are for you!


Bullet Lipsticks:

First one on my list for bullet lipsticks is the Matte Lipstick by MAC Cosmetics on the shade
Price: $22.00 (CAD)

the similar shade I have for this is the Matte Lipstick by ELF Cosmetics in the shade
Price: $4.00 (CAD)

As you can see, these two are more in the Brown shade.


Second one in line is the Colour Splash Hydrating Lipstick in the shade 
RUM PUNCH (I have the sample size) (Top shade)
Price: $27.00 (CAD)

and the closest shade I found in my collection is the Long Lasting Lipstick by Essence Cosmetics in the shade
I forgot how much is this and their website is currently down right now but I'm pretty this doesn't cost  more $5.00 (CAD) :)

I know the essence one is more of a pinkish shade but this is the closest one I found :(


and last but not the least is the Multistick by Bite Cosmetics in the shade
 BRIOCHE (again, I have the sample size) (Top shade)
Price: $28.00 (CAD) 

and the similar shade I found is the Colour Burst Matte Lip Balm by Revlon in the shade
Price: $8.00 (CAD)

I think this is a mix of pink/brown-ish colour.


That is all for today. I hope you enjoyed reading my post and got some ideas on which ones to buy next on your shopping trip :) If you have better drugstore dupes please let me know! Comment below and don't forget to follow/subscribe for more beauty secrets! :)
Have a wonderful day everyone! xx


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Ciao! xx


  1. This is an awesome post! i love dupes! Def will be checking out the kad von d dupes

  2. great suggestions! I have Exotic so I'm doing a little happy dance.

  3. Omg! Thanks so much for sharing these dupes! I have always wanted the Lolita shade from Kat Von D but now I'll try the NYX one first! :)

    xo, Chloe // https://funinthecloset.com/florals-for-fall/

    1. I love NYX, they have a lot of products that are similar with high end ones!

  4. Wow! Great lipstick. Do they stay long enough? Or like, does it transfer when eating? I want to buy one of those, but I want them to stay longer.

    1. They do transfer but try the wet and wild one they don't transfer as much as the other ones. <3

  5. This is so clever! Some of the colors are so spot on you would NEVER know the difference!

  6. This is such a needed post! Some come so close I wouldn't be able to tell the difference in color.. However, sometimes I do find that quality is a bit less, purely to the fact that the cheaper version doesn't stay that perfect in place as the other ones. But nevertheless, a great post and very useful! Thank you for this!

    1. thats true! if you're looking for a really good quality, the high end ones are the best :)

  7. Wow , thats an awsome tip.

  8. Super post