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My Top 3 Drugstore Face Primers ❤

I am back with a new post and today I will be talking about my top 3 Drugstore Face Primers. As I mentioned in a previous post, I don't use primers for one reason; all the products I've used tends to make my skin very dry. (and my skin is already SOO dry without primer) It was so hard to find the perfect brand for me. I had to try a bunch of primers, from the most affordable to expensive drugstore ones and I've finally found MY HOLY GRAIL DRUGSTORE PRIMERS!! Yayy! As always I will be linking the products so it'll be easier to find :)

 Since it's all drugstore brands they are affordable so yayy! These 3 are the best. It's all from different brands as you can see but they pretty much do the same thing which is to "prime" your face, if you have no idea with what i'm talking about, face primers are meant to be worn before make up and it's supposed to make your make up last longer AND it also protects your skin from all the make up you're going to put on your face. 


My first one is the Stay Matte Make-up Primer from Rimmel London, this is number 003. In the description of the product it's Shine controlling, Pore minimizing, Hydrating and lastly it Smoothes your skin. This primer from Rimmel can be worn alone or under make up and apparently you can use this on top as well to create a perfect matte complexion, i'm not sure if that's gonna work but it says in the description so I guess it'll work. This primer could last up to 8 hours and it doesn't feel very heavy on the face.

Price: $8.98 + tax (CAD)

You can purchase this product at:

Walmart (CA)


The next one I have is the PhotoFocus Face Primer by Wet n' Wild. This is supposed to be a "magic potion" for your skin, and I agree because it actually gives justice to my dry skin. This primer refines your pores, fills fine lines, brightens your complexion and evens your skin tone. After trying this product this is by far my most favourite among the 3. Besides giving justice to my dry skin, it actually makes my make up last longer so I'm impressed! 

Price: $11.90 + tax (CAD)

You can purchase this product at:


And lastly, the Blemish Control Face Primer by ELF. Package wise, this is my fave! I like how it has a pump so you can actually control the amount of product that is coming out of the bottle. This primer is perfect if you are having a break out hence the name "Blemish Control". The application is super smooth and it will totally help your make up last long. They also have more kinds of primers, depending on what skin type you have. Love love this one!

Price: $7.97 + tax (CAD)

You can purchase this product at:


We have reached the end of this post. Woohoo! In conclusion, lol I AM TOTALLY RECOMMENDING these primers. Besides being affordable, they do their  job really well. 10/10 !! If you have any other recommendations or thoughts please leave a comment :) Thank you for reading, see you on my next post! Have a wonderful day <3


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  1. I love the rimmel and elf primers, but i haven't tried the wet 'n' wild. Not sure if they sell it in Australia. Thanks so much for sharing.!