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Get to know me.. :)

HELLO EVERYONE!! :) I'm Jeanica and I'm 21 years old. I'm from the Philippines but we moved to Canada 4 years ago. So today, at this very moment I've decided to make a blog. I've always wanted to make a blog and write about things I like, I've been wanting to do this for a very long time but I was too lazy and I didn't really have much time for it because I'm still in college and it's just too much for me, but now I've finally decided to actually commit myself in doing it. 

I'm excited to post things I like and share my thoughts with you. I am a fashion, photography and  a make up enthusiast and you will most likely read a lot about those things in my blog. I will be posting a lot and hopefully I can keep up with it. With that said, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and don't forget to subscribe and leave some comments, Ciao! <3

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All photos and opinions are my own. All products you see are purchased by me unless stated otherwise. I always try the products first and post honest opinions, all details are based on my experiences. If you plan to use any of the photos or opinions please contact me at jeanicacp@gmail.com.



Email: jeanicacp@gmail.com
Instagram: @jjeanica
Twitter: @jjeanica

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