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Hit or Miss: ELF Cosmetics $1 Sale Haul ❤

I finally got the chance to shop during ELF Cosmetics' $1 sale. I always see an ad for it on facebook but for some reason I really wasn't in to it but last year I gave in, I said "you know what I'm gonna give it try!" lol. Although it says "$1 Sale" not everything is exactly $1, the price ranges from 0.80 Cents - $3, not only that you also get a free 4-piece gift when you spend $25+ so that's a score! more makeup! :) I love ELF Cosmetics, all their products are sooo affordable but even so you can't expect a great quality, but don't get me wrong most of their products are awesome, at least every product I tried was awesome! So today I will be showing you my ELF Haul last December and tell you if it's a hit or a miss. :)


Okay can I just say how I love their black packaging so much!! I mean who doesn't love black?? :D Anyway! I love their face palettes, so that's the first thing I added to my cart. I got their Cream Blush Palette which has 4 shades, lightest to darkest. I love this palette so much it's so creamy and pigmented and that makes it super easy to blend. I always use the last shade which is the darkest one just because it's the perfect shade for my skin tone. Next one is their Mattifying Cream Foundation, I actually haven't tried this yet but by the looks of it I think it's gonna work great! Looking forward to trying it. The last face palette I got is their Illuminating Palette, which is basically a 4-shade highlighter. I actually got this for free because I spent $25+. I'm not really impressed with this because there's not enough pigmentation, when I swatched it the first time there's nothing and it's chalky so I did not really like this but it's free so I guess that'll do! lol :) With all those face palettes, I also grabbed 3 of their brushes. I got the Cheek Cream and Powder Brush, Small Tapered brush and lastly their highlighting brush. I love ELF's brushes their very soft and it doesn't shed as much as the other brushes I tried. So are these products hit or miss? Everything is a HIT for me except the Illuminating Palette.


Since most of the stuff on sale were face products, I got more! All of these products is a MISS for me except the Tone Adjusting Face Primer. I always loved ELF's face primers but for this I am not sure if it's supposed to be watery because for some reason the one I got was very watery but I still love it because it really primes my face and helps my make up last longer so there's that. 
Now let me talk about how everything else is a miss for me. First, the blush and the bronzer when I got them I was kinda disappointed because it's so glittery so its more like a highlighter than an actual bronzer and a blusher. Not recommending these two to use to contour/blush your face but don't get me wrong the pigmentation is awesome but I just didn't like it. Next is the Tone Correcting Concealer which is the one on top of the "Bronzer", the reason why this is a miss for me is because when I applied it under my eyes, it was literally burning my skin and it was so stingy that I had to wash it off and the smell is really unpleasant, kinda smells like paint so that's a NO for me. Another thing I got is there "Highlighting Sticks in the shade Pink Lemonade", let me tell you this is the smallest highlighting stick I've ever seen lol. They are glittery though but it's too creamy and too pink for a highlighter, when you apply it on your face it looks like you're wearing a cream blush on top of your highlighter so this is a double miss for me. Last is their blending wedges, the only reason why this is a miss for me is because it's too soft, so when you try to blend your foundation or concealer it's like you're using your fingers because the softness of these wedges are too much! 


The last part of my haul are some lip and eye products, everything here is a HIT for me except the mascara because it's sooo dry, when I opened it up the bristles of the brush are like stuck together so I guess the formula is too clumpy. Another thing is it doesn't really do anything with my lashes, I don't know if it's just me but it doesn't really give it volume or doesn't lengthen it even to just blacken my lashes a little more it's not doing it so it's a big MISS for me. 
For the HIT products starting from the lip balm, I love it so much! It moisturizes my lips and it stains it a little bit so if I don't want to wear any lipstick I just wear this and bam it gives my lips a reddish tint! Another lip product I really love is their lip exfoliator, I mean it does its job really well and that's the only reason why it's a hit for me. The last thing for my HIT product is their "Molten Liquid Eye Shadow", in the shades "Brushed Copper", "Rose Gold" and "Liquid Gold". It was love at first sight , it's my fave! When I swatched these babies, I was so surprised with the pigmentation and it' so creamy that makes it so easy to blend and lastly the shades are gorgeous so that's definitely a big HIT for me!


So those are the products I got from ELF's $1 sale. I hope this will help you decide on which product to get. Did you get a chance to shop during the sale? If yes, which products did you get? Let me know in the comments and please don't forget to follow/subscribe for more beauty secrets! Have a wonderful day! xx


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  1. I got the same lip balm and loved it!

  2. I love Elf it's one of my favorite brands!

  3. You picked up so many goodies!! I love Elf but missed this sale unfortunately. Looking forward to the next one!!

    Priyanka | Glamour and Giggles

  4. How did I miss this sale �� I’ve been looking to get a few cheap brushes that are still decent quality and this would’ve been perfect. Great post btw!

    1. always check elf's website. Then again, even though they're not on sale their brushes are still affordable! xx

  5. I haven't bought anything from elf in a while, but I've had great success with their brushes!

    Melanie | I'm Not a Beauty Guru

  6. I love elf. It is affordable for the quality.