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The Perfect Nudes ❤

I am a lipstick junkie and nude shades is a staple for me. I think when you're wearing a nude lipstick, it will for sure go with every with every make up look you're wearing, either it's a dark or light look, it's the perfect shade!! But then again, even though all nude lipsticks has kind of the same shade it's still kinda hard to actually pick the perfect match for your skin tone.

So while I was scrolling through Sephora's website trying to find a lipstick, this lip bundle caught my attention. This is the Sephora Favourite - Give Me Some Nude Lip, it comes with 6 different nude lippies from different brands. You will get 5 mini lipsticks and 1 full size for $33 CAD ($84 value).

I think it's a perfect gift for your girlfriend, mom, sister or friend specially when you're not really sure what to get them. Buy this and they will not just get 1 or 2 lipsticks but 6~~ orrr you can get it for yourself too (even better lol), if you want to sample different nude lipsticks from different brands to be able to find the perfect match for you this is the one. <3

The brands are Make-up forever, Tarte, Bite, Kat Von D, Buxom and Ciate.
I just noticed it when I took the picture that I added the Tarteist Lip Paint instead of the Kat Von D one. Just to clear things up, this bundle comes with only one Tarte lippie and that is the one with the blue packaging. :D

The shades are:

Here are the swatches!

andddd that is all for today! Have a wonderful day everyone!


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Ciao! xx


  1. Great shades. My lipstick preferences change with the seasons. Thanks for giving me new inspiration for makeup looks!

    1. I like to use dark on winter and fall but sometimes when I don't feel like using dark lipsticks, nude shades are perfect too! :)

  2. Ahhh, these just might get me out of my «red lips» rut! Lovely pictures, by the way!

  3. It's always nice to try new things! :D I always wear red before too then I discovered nude :D

  4. How cute! I just love the packaging.

  5. Love somer nudes! Thanks for this, xx NEED ALL

  6. Thank you so much for your review of this! I've been wanting to purchase this set for myself. I absolutely love Sephora's box sets!

  7. These are gorgeous! I wish we had Sephora available in South Africa!!

    ♡ Cammy • Jane Wonder - Fashion and Beauty Blog •

  8. Love the lipsticks especially the berry colored one.

  9. wonderful photos, I am not a very big fan of nudes, they make me look like a ghost!

    1. There are nude berry tones that you can totally try! It looks better if you have lighter skin :)