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My Everyday Essentials (Make-Up)

So today, I will be sharing my everyday make-up essentials. All the products I will be showing are both drugstore and high-end. I will also link everything below so it will be easier for you guys to find it. :) 

If you want to know more details, keep on reading :)

So before I put my make up on, I always start with my moisturizer. This is the dual action: oil free, acne fighting moisturizer by Clean and Clear. If you have dry skin this is perfect for you, it's suppose to treat your pimples and keep your skin hydrated at the same time. you can find this in your local drugstores like Shoppers Drug Mart or grocery stores like Superstore if you're in Canada, you can also find it at Walmart

Price: $8.00 CAD

After I put my moisturizer I go straight to my foundation. I am not a fan of wearing make up primers because every primer I tried made my skin more dry so I stopped using primers. For foundation, I use Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. You can find this at Sephora or at the Fenty Beauty's official website. I'm not gonna lie, this is the best foundation I've ever had though it's a little bit pricey but I think it's worth it. It's long-wear, matte finish, easy to blend and it doesn't dry out right away. It also comes with 40 shades!! It's the perfect shade for me, i've tried a lot of foundation but I can't seem to find the right shade but this!!! IT'S PERFECT!! by the way this is shade number 208. 

Price: $42.00 CAD

Next is concealer, I know the package says "Foundation Palette" but I use it as my concealer because It think the pans are too small and if I use this everyday it'll be gone in a day so I just use it for concealing my under eye, forehead and chin :) This is Foundation Palette by ELF Cosmetics and it's by far my favourite, besides the price it actually does its job very well. It covers my pimple marks very nice and it's not cakey andddd it has 4 shades in one palette so that's nice too. Another thing I like about this product is, it has a freakin' mirror! :D I think this has 4 kinds: Light, Medium, Dark and Deep. I am using the Medium one. You can find this at ELF cosmetics' official website and Walmart.

Price: $7.00 CAD

After concealer, I go ahead and do my contour. I use the Cream Contour Palette by ELF Cosmetics. It's similar with their foundation palette, it has a mirror, 4 shades in 1 palette and it's the same price. I like to use the last shade as you can see the bottom of the pan. This is another favourite of mine, I love how it's so creamy and easy to blend. You can find this at ELF Cosmetics' website and at Walmart (for some reason I can't find it at their website but I'm pretty sure they have it!:D).

Price: $7.00 CAD

After putting all these "cream" on my face, I set everything with the Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder by Tarte Cosmetics. This is actually a sample I got with my Sephora VIP points. I believe this is from their Clay collection. I am totally recommending this, it does it job very well. It's sets your make up very smooth and not ashy! You can find this at Tarte's official website and at Sephora.

Price: $41.00 CAD

After I use cream contour I go ahead and set it with the Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer Powder by Tarte Cosmetics as well, so this is another sample szie. This is the shade Park Ave Princess, I like how it's not too deep and not too light for my skin. If you want that sun-kissed bronze look, this one is for you! Again, totally recommending this. You can get this at Tarte's official website and at Sephora.

Price: $38.00 CAD

Next one in line is blush! This is the Amazonian Clay Blush by Tarte Cosmetics. Another sample size I got for FREE at Sephora. This is one of my favourite, the perfect blush shade for my skin tone. If you have medium skin tone like me, this is perfect for you. You can find this at Tarte's official website  or at Sephora.

Price: $38.00 CAD 


After doing my whole face, I go do my eyes. The only thing I put is mascara unless I go to events then I do my full eye make up but for my everyday look, only mascara. This is the Amazonian Gifted Clay Smart Mascara by Tarte Cosmetics, yes it's from tarte again and yes it's from their Clay collection. :D This gives justice to my short lashes!! It doesn't make your lashes clumpy. I love this!! You can find this at Tarte's official website and at Sephora. Oh, and this is a sample size :D

Price: $30.00 CAD


Saved the best for last :D LIPS!! Before putting  my lipstick on, I always use lip balm and lip exfoliator. For lip balm, this is from EOS. I love EOS, it very moisturizing and it smells good but it's kinda pricey for a lip balm. You can find this at your local drugstore or Walmart

Price: $7.00 CAD

For my lip exfoliator, this is from ELF Cosmetics. This is the Mint Maniac, one of my faves because I love everything Mint!! :D It's very cool on the lips and it smells good too. :D You can get this at ELF Cosmetics official Website or at Walmart.

Price: $4.00 CAD


After moisturizing my lips, LIPSTICK!! These are my go-to lipsticks. The top one is a pink nude shade LOLITA by Kat Von D, it's a matte-finish and you can find it at Sephora or at Kat Von D's official website. The bottom picture, is obviously red. It's by Wet n' Wild and I did a review on this one so check it out if you haven't yet. Click here) and it's a matte finish as well. It's a dupe for the Kat Von D one. So if your looking for an alternative, this is the one!:)

Kat Von D Price: $21.00 CAD
Wet N' Wild Price: $6.00 CAD


This is actually the last thing I do :D I SET EVERYTHING WITH MY SETTING SPRAY!! :D
This is from ELF cosmetics :D

Price: $4.00 CAD

So that is everything for my everyday essentials, thanks for reading and if you have any other product suggestions please leave a comment, I am open to trying new stuff! Until next time. Ciao! xx - J


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Ciao! xx


  1. Those tarte products! I would love to try that mascara for ages. Hopefully I would be able to get it on my next sephora trip.

    Nice post!


    1. The mascara is awesome!!! especially if you have short lashes like mine! :D