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Affordable Prescription Glasses ❤ (review + discount code)

Prescription glasses are expensive. So i'm glad there are online optical stores that actually sells affordable and good quality glasses. I like it when I find cheaper alternatives for stuff like this.

I discovered Firmoo Global Optical Online Store where in they sell affordable and good quality glasses, the prices ranges from $19-$39 USD, no more than $39. They sell both prescription and non-prescription and they have special add-ons as well like lens thickness, lens colour and lens coatings. With those special add-ons, it is your choice to choose the "free" option or if you want to pay $5 to $10 for the other special ones.

At first I thought maybe this is a scam or something? I have these "what-ifs" thoughts about it because you know we can't trust all online shopping websites these days, so I read reviews online and there are lots of positive reviews about it, I mean I read a few bad ones as well but overall their rating is at like 4.0 stars. So I said you know what, I'm gonna go ahead and order. Because their glasses are so cute, I ordered two glasses. When I got mine I had a 40% discount so I paid $58.30 instead of $72.65, that's a steal!

I got my glasses after 7 days (that was fast!) but upon receiving my glasses, I realized I entered the wrong prescription so I was so bummed out. I emailed them about what happened and asked if there is something they can do about it even though obviously it was my fault. They answered right away and told me that they can definitely fix it, they gave me a choice of a full refund of the $58.30 or a coupon code for $73. I was like "wooww, really?" and so I ended up choosing the coupon code since I wanted to order again. They gave me the code and here is the best part, they told me that I don't need to send the wrong-prescription glasses back so it will be less hassle for me. I was really happy and satisfied with their customer service, it was so nice of them to do that even though technically it was really (I mean REALLY) my fault.

With that said, here are the glasses I got and as always I will be linking them to the direct website. :)

 So all of their glasses comes with a free leatherette case, a glass wiper, screw and a screw driver and it comes with a small dust bag as well. I was so surprised with the quality of these glasses, it's really sturdy and it really looks like it's gonna last and THEY ARE SOO CUTE!

So this frame it's the #YSL9007M, it's a narrow-sized glasses. This frame comes in 4 colours: black, black-gold, gold-purple, and gold-red. It's only $23.99 

The next one I got is the #YSL366, this is a medium sized frame. I believe this is their best selling glasses and it comes with 4 colour as well: Gold, pattern, black and silver. This is $23.99. 

The last one I got is the #S939, this is my favourite! It's a wide sized frame and it comes with 3 colours: purple, clear and tortoise. This is $23.99 as well.

They are all so pretty!! *hearts eyes*

They have a lot of designs on their website, so go check it out!
I will be sharing a 50% discount code with you guys so you can order these cute pretty glasses. :)

Discount code:


Valid until: February 28, 2018

I am totally recommending this online shop if you're looking for glasses that will not rip your pockets! :D

Have a beautiful day everyone! xx



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