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Affordable Lipsticks by ELF Cosmetics ❤

Who doesn't want affordable make up? or should I say affordable lipstick? ELF Cosmetics has always been my favourite drugstore make up. They have everything, from skin care to make up to brushes and they are all affordable!! Aside from nude shades, I'm a sucker for bold shade lipsticks as well. ELF has a lot of beautiful lipstick shades, another thing I like about them is their packaging. It's simple but I LOVE IT!! Plain black with their logo on it, not too complicated and even though it's plain I think it's still eye catching. 

These are the Velvet Mattes and Moisturizing Lipstick. They have 9 colours for the Mattes and 14 for the Moisturizing Lipsticks. The Mattes are awesome, they're my fave because they are soo pigmented   and super easy to apply. It's not too dry on the lip which is good because some other matte lipstick tends to make your lips too dry when applied, but this!!! Their Moisturizing ones are not too bad either. For me it's nothing special, they are similar to other drugstore brands. It basically moisturizes your lips, since it's already winter in Canada this is the perfect season to wear them it helps avoid dry ing and peeling of the lips. 

Razzle Dazzle, Red Carpet, Berry Bordeaux, Ravishing Rose, Dark Brown

So would you prefer Matte or Moisturizing Lipsticks? 


Shop it here:

~Velvet Matte Lipsticks~

~Moisturizing Lipsticks~


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  1. I love ELF products!, especially the matte lipsticks! I have a difficult time finding the right color with my blonde hair and pale skin. Any advice on what colors work best?

    1. Hi Hannah! I would suggest a darker shade for you, maybe berry toned lipsticks or red. It will totally stand out!